Monday, 16 August 2010

Alexandra Worseley

6 cakes commissioned by a client of Alexandra Worseley's (she's an accupuncturist).
I thought about doing some sort of needles/holistic therapies designs, especially these needle-like Martha Stewart 'Candied-Hazelnut Cupcakes', but transporting them would have been almost impossible!
In the end I put her logo -rendered in hot pink glacé icing- onto 6 chocolate cakes, topped with strawberry buttercream.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

British Heart Foundation Fundraiser

I'm not sure how good for your heart these delicious cupcakes would be, but 36 cakes in assorted designs should help raise some money for the British Heart Foundation.
I made a mix of vanilla and chocolate cakes, iced with British raspberry buttercream. The heart designs were each topped with a raspberry and a fondant icing heart. Also some other designs which you will have seen before.
And Cookie Monster got his revenge on me (I wouldn't mind, but I'd been wearing gloves!)

Monday, 9 August 2010

Clare's Birthday Ice Creams

Just adding the pictures I didn't want to post before, of Claire's birthday Ice Cream Cakes:
Banana and Chocolate Chip cakes, with Chocolate Buttercream and coloured fondant icing ice cream cones. The Choclate Buttercream 'ice cream' has a real chocolate flake in it.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Baking Today

Just been busy baking for 2 birthdays: a 40th, and a slightly younger one (37, if you must know). 37 seemed a bit of an odd number to put on a cake, not so landmarky as 40, so the ever-popular lions are back (with ears this time!). The 37 year-old is a leo, you see.

I also made 2 batches of Banana and Chocolate Chip cakes with Chocolate buttercream icing. The first batch are here: 6 cakes for a housewarming present. The next batch I'll post later, they're for a friend's birthday, and I think she'd like to see them in real life before she sees them on the blog.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Cake Stall Busy Busy

Lots and lots of images of the cake stall (and prep work for it) this weekend:

60 large cakes, baked, iced and sold. 95 small cakes, baked, iced and mostly sold (had 12 left over, but was happy to bring them home for the family).
...All in 5 days!