Saturday, 13 November 2010

Freya's 'Under The Sea' Cakes

Vanilla cakes with vanilla buttercream: I thought any other flavour dyed blue would be odd.

I put mid-blue, light blue/green and plain white buttercreams together in the same piping bag, and piped them out to give a multi-coloured effect.

The problem I have is that often I'm using new (to me) techniques as I'm fulfilling an order, it's always a bit nail biting* to be doing some new style of icing on the cakes that are actually going out to the customer. I was really happy with the colours and effect here though.

*Not literally- that would contravene my food hygiene training!

Freya's name and age spelled out on seashells, each with an edible 'pearl' sugar dragee.

Goldfish with gold dragee bubbles.


Crazy-eyed starfish. The buttercream is also decorated with clear and blue edible glitter.

Pretty sure this is a scallop shell shape, which I think means it wouldn't make a pearl, but sometimes artistic licence wins over zoological accuracy!

Olga ordered 12 sea life cakes for her daughter Freya's 2nd birthday.

I really enjoyed making these cakes, especially as I finally got to use the dolphin cutter that I bought a while ago. The shell and starfish cutters are new additions bought for this commission, but I'm always happy to feed my cookie cutter habit!

Olga had also very sweetly said that she liked my photography, so I supplied her with a CD of these photos, as well as the cakes.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Cocktail Hour

Caramelising lime slices in a sugar syrup.

The cakes were brushed with some of the lime-flavoured syrup (from making the caramelised limes)

Vanilla cakes, brushed with lime syrup and topped with 'Margarita' buttercream: flavoured with lime juice and a pinch of salt.
Edged with crunchy, coloured sugar and topped with a twist of caramelised lime.

Vanilla cakes with a Strawberry 'Daiquiri' topping: brushed with lime syrup and iced with strawberry buttercream.
Decorated with a fondant cocktail glass, silver balls and a maraschino cherry.

The ubiquitous cocktail umbrella

Chin chin!

Kristina (who was the recipient of the fashion-themed cakes last month), must have been happy with her cakes, as she ordered 6 cocktail cakes for her friend's birthday.
I made 3 'margarita' and 3 'strawberry daiquiri' cakes. However, no alcohol was involved in the making of these cakes (sorry)

It's-a me, Mario!

30 Super Mario themed cakes for Zak's 6th birthday: Star, Toad, and the M logo on vanilla and chocolate cakes, with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry buttercream.
I liked Toad's faces when I drew them, but I think I did them a day or two too early, as they were a bit smudgier on Saturday when I delivered them. A lesson that some things you can't do too far in advance :-(

Friday, 5 November 2010

A pause from Super Mario cakes, to make some Chocolate Parkin Biscuits. It is bonfire night, after all.

I love that Dan Lepard: