Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Wedding Rehearsal

Some test cakes for Claire, who might want to have some Hello There Cupcakes at her wedding, in September.
She sent me some images that she liked, but they are quite different to the cakes I normally make, hence these test ones.

I don't normally post photos until the cakes are delivered to the customer, but I imagine that if these get made, they will have evolved by the time they're delivered, so I don't think I'm spoiling anyone's surprise.

Claire said that her bridesmaids would be wearing blue, and the photo she sent me had blue and white cakes. So the colour scheme I went for is dark/light blue, white and silver.

The buttercream is quite yellow in these photos, this is because I used real butter. If I was making them for real and the colour theme remained, then I would use vegetable fat to make the icing pure white.

I hope she likes them! Looking forward to hearing her feedback...

These were a copy of the cakes Claire had liked. But I don't have the nice flowers that were on the original (and don't have the skills for sugarcraft flowers), so the small shop-made ones are standing in for now.

My least favourite ones. Maybe because the colours aren't so punchy?

Blue fondant icing flowers with silver ball.

The bride and groom's initials are stamped into fondant icing.


Plain roses and ones decorated with silver balls.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


My website at: www.hellotherecupcakes.co.uk will be moving house in the next 2 weeks. Still the same address to visit, but if it's down for a day or two, don't worry - I'll be back!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

'Enchanted Garden' Christening Cakes

Claire ordered 48 cakes in an 'Enchanted Garden' theme for her daughter's Christening. We played around with lots of design ideas before we settled on fairies, butterflies, dragonflies and daisies, in a white, brown, pink and mint green colour theme.

I made 24 chocolate cakes and 12 each of vanilla and strawberry cakes and then iced them with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry buttercream.

Claire also asked for "lots of (edible) glitter" - so that's what she got!

12 cakes were iced with vanilla buttercream.

12 cakes were iced with strawberry buttercream.

12 cakes were iced with chocolate buttercream.

and 12 cakes were iced with vanilla buttercream, that was coloured and piped into grass.

Enchanted garden with toadstool.




I can take no credit for the design of these- I copied an online tutorial that I found here.
...I'm not sure how I would have done them, had I not found that tutorial!

A bit heavy-handed with the rouge, perhaps!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

It's my birthday (cake)!

My best birthday present was some Ninjabreadmen cookie cutters. Can't wait get baking with them!
(just a cupcake order to get out of the way first though)

And I couldn't post about the Ninjabreadmen cutters without following it with a couple of pictures of my birthday cake.

It's June, so it has to be strawberries and cream, sandwiched between some lovely light sponge cake. Yum.

Thanks to Sam, who baked the cake, while I was busily assembling 48 cakes for a Christening.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Social Eatia

Simon from PushON ordered 48 social media-themed cakes for their networking event on Monday.
I made 24 chocolate and 24 vanilla cakes and then decorated them in 5 different designs, with 5 different buttercream flavours.

PushON's own logo was kind of fiddly to cut out, but nothing matched the adventures I had with the printed cupcake toppers- from having them printed as a last-minute rush job, to drying them very gently in the oven so that they would deem to be removed from their backing paper!
However, the QR code did work when scanned, so I guess all the fiddly work was worth it.

Hope everyone enjoyed their party and the cakes on Monday night.

48 cakes: 2 cake flavours, 5 icing flavours and 5 designs, ready to be boxed up and transported to the party!

PushON's logo.

...applied to chocolate or vanilla cakes, with vanilla choc-chip buttercream.

Twitter logo

...applied to chocolate or vanilla cakes, with vanilla seed buttercream.

Feed logo

...applied to chocolate or vanilla cakes, with chocolate buttercream.

Facebook logo

...applied to chocolate or vanilla cakes, with coloured vanilla buttercream.

QR code printed onto edible cupcake toppers - it works, if you feel like scanning it...

...applied to chocolate or vanilla cakes, with strawberry buttercream.

Cakes in situ. (Thanks for the photo, Simon)

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Life in Black and White

A really interesting commission from Cath, who is studying Surface Pattern Design and wanted 12 black and white cakes topped with her own designs to complement her degree show stand.

I researched where Cath could have her toppers printed, and then made 12 dark, dark chocolate Guinness cakes and topped them with buttercream, but this time using vegetable fat instead of butter, so that the icing would be pure white.

The toppers were a new experience for me. They were fine to use if you got them right the first time, but once placed on the icing, they tore if I tried to move them. Luckily Cath had printed a few spares...

If you like Cath's work, you can see more of it here.

12 Black and White cakes with 12 toppers.

Cath's work in situ.