Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Cute Kung Fu Cakes

Using the ice cube tray for the chocolate Lego men.
I chose milk chocolate because I thought the black belt would show better on the lighter colour chocolate.

The finished men, and their piped coloured belts.

Lined up, according to rank!

They look a bit like that Chinese Terracotta Army when they're all lined up, I think.

All the coloured belts.

Cakes for the Kung Fu Christmas party called for something special, especially as most people knew I'm a cake-maker but hadn't had the chance to taste any yet.

I made chocolate cakes with a pinch or two of Chinese Five Spice (it's a Chinese martial art, you see), and little chocolate Lego men using my Lego ice cube tray, with the different colour belts piped on with royal icing.

For once I was making cakes for personal consumption, so I could use fresh cream instead of buttercream to top them. Yum.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Happy 32nd Birthday James


tweet tweet




What kind of cakes to make for a guy who posts about anything and everything, all day long?

Sometimes the most difficult briefs yield the best results: it felt so hard to choose just one theme for James' birthday cakes, that in the end we decided to just write out a message for him, but then I realised that the way the message was written could be the theme. Hence the Twitter, Facebook, calendar app and generic computer icons.

I worry when I say that I'm a cake decorator that I could be seen as doing a very boring and staid craft. So I always get a thrill out of subverting that. This time I especially liked using the 'baby blue' icing (which I'm sure is used on christening cakes every week of the year), to recreate Facebook logos.

These cakes took forever (both in planning and execution), but I think the results were worth it: Happy birthday James!

Chocolate and vanilla cakes with vanilla buttercream and fondant decorations.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Zoe's Little Mermaid Cakes

Swirled plain and blue buttercream, in a wiggly sea pattern.

Zoe's name is spelled out on clam shells.

Flounder. I spent more time on Ariel, and Flounder came second place - the cake recipient (aged 5) knew who he was and was happy with him though.

With gold dragee air bubbles.

Ariel herself.

layered up icing.

The finished cakes, ready for delivery.

Six cakes based on Disney's The Little Mermaid for Zoe.

Chocolate cakes with vanilla buttercream and fondant icing.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snowmen and Snowflakes and Fairs, oh my!

The mini cakes packaged and ready to go to school:
Hmmm, not too happy with how they look, I wish I'd just done plain white buttercream in the end, as the pink looks odd and a bit clown-like.
I was trying to be too clever and Christmassy: it's cranberry flavour.

All the biscuits baked and iced/decorated for the fair.

Some are decorated with lebkuchen-style almonds. The sugar 'glaze' is mixed with edible gold lustre: you can see it in real life, but I couldn't make it show on the photos.

Lebkuchen-esque angel


My favourite one.

All boxed up and ready to be transported (by sledge: how authentic!) to the school.

It's snowing outside, so I'm indoors making tiny cake toppers for this Saturday's school fair.
50 snowmen are smiling up at me and I'm thinking about some sort of cranberry buttercream to make them extra Christmassy.
Tomorrow's job is to ice the gingerbread tree decorations that I baked yesterday.