Thursday, 14 April 2011

Cupcakes in flight!

I normally don't post photos of cakes before the recipient has received them, but this little lot are flying to Northern Ireland tomorrow (courtesy of my sister, the cakes mule), and I'm not 100% sure what condition they'll be in when they arrive.

My cousin ordered 24 cakes because he finally has the opportunity to taste them! He ordered 12 chocolate cakes with vanilla icing in Cookie Monster and Elmo designs, and 12 vanilla cakes with strawberry buttercream. I made some little strawberry characters out of fondant icing, and sprinkled them with some edible glitter too.

So, Andy, thanks for your order. I hope they arrive looking as good as they do here, and tasting even better! (And good luck transporting them, Bob!)

Vanilla cakes, strawberry buttercream, edible glitter, and a friendly strawberry smiling at you.

All boxed up and getting ready to fly (Just need the clingfilm and extra reinforcing cardboard)

Sesame Street? No, we're off to Northern Ireland!

I wouldn't dare bore anyone with another photo of my Cookie Monster cakes, but Elmo's still a work in progress, so I feel i still have something to say about these cakes.
This one is the best Elmo yet, though now I think his mouth is too big.

Fasten your seatbelts, Elmo and Cookie!

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