Saturday, 8 October 2011

An early Halloween

I was asked to travel over to Sheffield last Friday to help out with a business enterprise day at Fir Vale School.

The year 8 (that's 12-13 year olds to you) pupils were having a day based round cupcakes. They had to bake cakes, cost the ingredients, design a brand and a logo, decide how they would decorate the cakes, in a Halloween theme (well it is October), and finally decorate them.

My first job was to bring over 8 boxes of 4 Halloween-themed cakes, which would be given out as prizes at the end of the day for the 8 group winners.

I also spent the day helping the pupils with their cake designs and with actually baking and decoration them - great fun! I also had to judge the winners of some of the groups and pick an overall winner, which was not quite so much fun - too many pleading cries of, "Pick me, Miss!"

Thanks to the brains (ha ha) of the operation, John Swain, for the great opportunity.

"Miss, Miss, did you make these? Are you a baker, Miss? Wow, they're well good."


Mummy (his mouth is made from those horrible false teeth sweets)


Brain #1

Brain #2

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